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In this section you can download the best Tactics for FM 2016 .They are globally known and they have been tested from various users around the globe .You will see these tactics around in several FM Communities .

We offer you now a new option :by clicking each tactic you read its analysis and you download it as well .FM Boss is a proud member of FM Scout Alliance Network and we are ready to work forward into many projects .Enjoy the quality work that we make all these years .If you dont like analysis make it by yourselves .Anyway most of you are morons ,thiefs and protestands and you dont have a clue about football .You just steal around my work ,you make some mini edits and then you sell it in sponsored links .Most of you are lazy or you have mentally ill background.
I dont need mediorcities in my life ,I make the best and I follow the best .The rest are history and fairy tales for your imagination .Here you download what you like ,if not make your own work and shut up .Ok then ?

Most of you are spoiled ,lazy and clueless about tactics .So try to make better by your own.


Already made tactics are inspired by

Antonio Conte

Cesare Prandelli

Giovanni Trapattoni

Guus Hiddink

Hector Cuper

Helenio Herrera

Javier Irrureta

Marcello Lippi

Radomir Antic


Radomir Antic Tactics -Serbian wondermaker’s gifts .

Roy Keane’s Tactics/no1 hit in UK



All these years you were stealing my job cheap assholes and you were making it like yours .But now ,thanks to the new copyright laws ,you will shove blood if you dare to touch my tactics and to give it elsewere without my WRITTEN PERMISSION .

25 replies to “Tactics & Analysis

  1. Question :Are the tactics play well for patch 11.3??

    Response :Yes ,they are playing very well for all the version of FM 2011

  2. The link of “(NEW)Jorge Jesus Style Tactic FM 2012” doesn’t work, please replace the link.

    FM Boss : The link is already fixed

      1. Hello, i dont know how to send a pm! I need help with Roma, i cant have a decent tacti for them! Help please :s

  3. I am Brazilian, and a fan of this tactic antonio conte, however I would like you to inform me the workout I use during the pre-season and during official games , and what% of the game plan in each workout for fm 2014 thanks

  4. I’m looking for a consistent and efficient arsenal tactic for FM 2014, I’m currently using a 4-2-3-1 but it still not very consistent, it works well against some teams and some times struggle against other teams like Stoke, Man Utd…

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