Sigames Affiliation

December 1st ,2010

We are in the very happy position to announce you that today our website officially

randomised as an official fansite from Sigames .We have put the logo on the right of the

site in order everybody to see it(we are on the second page in the list ) .We dont offer here “tugs trainings” and other amateur ideas .

We have big respect and appreciation to every FM User and we serve the users the best that we can .

We dont believe that users are our clients or servants ,simply they are our supporters and co-partners .

We have post here material that is collected from users and it goes to the users .


We will not ask your ID Card ,password number ,email adress ,phone number or something simmilar.

Today ,the freedom of expression ,the freedom of creation won .Once again ,we are gratefull

for your support ,passion and dedication .We consider you ,the main author of the site .

This is one site who is made by one of you ,for all of you .

Stavros Panagakos ,

Author and Creator of

FM Boss

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  1. kalhspera kai kalh e[ityxia sth douleia pou kanete

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